Why Precast ?

In the Era of 21st century, no one have time to spend for observe their own building, Compound Wall or any other partition wall construction.

At this time Precast is the best idea for construct your Compound Wall or Building.

Why Precast construction is the best idea?

  • Because it takes 90% less time to construct compare to Bricks so, no need for more observation
  • It Saves more than 200% money for construction 
  • for example if you want to construct your compound wall, then you can construct 200-300 running meter in 2 days. in this condition your brick wall or stone wall takes minimum 12-15 days.
  • Reusable. exp: if you have constructed your compound wall and then after you have changed your mind. you can simply relocate your precast wall. you can not reuse your brick walls.
  • Very high strength.

So, in the fast growing Era, Precast Construction is the very best solution for construction.

Here is the Examples.

Precast Compound Wall construction. 


  • Ususally columns are 150x150 mm width for precast compound wall construction.
  • In column construction, generally use the 7 pieces of PCC Steel
  • Column length may be construct any sizes 


  • Width : 50mm
  • Length: 7 feet
  • Height: 1 Feet
  • In Plank construction, generally use the 4 pieces of PCC Steel
This Products are Construct with Stressing & vibrating system. so, no water or air will on constructed products.

If air or water involved in constructed product, then iron/steel will be destroy in 2-3 years.

Life of the Product:

If no interference by stock or any machinery, then it's life is more than 25 years.

So, if you planned for construct your wall, then go for Precast Compound Wall / Ready-made Compound Wall construction.



  1. precast construction is the best idea. nice idea.

    can you please provide the suppliers or manufacturers in delhi, gurgaon area?


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